Christmas Highlights

I. Love. Christmas.
Here are A few reasons why.

1. Christmas Music. Especially Michael Buble’s newest christmas album, it is a must get, absolutely fantastic!!!!

2. Old christmas photo’s, I love looking at pictures from past winters and Christmas’s. Bringing back memories and fun times (yes yes I know! this sounds cheesy).

(John when he was one and a half)

(Madeleine on the left, me on the right.)

3. My Family. I love love love seeing everyone!!!! Building igloo’s, skiing, ice skating, sledding, Dad shoving ice sickles in the bed to wake you up, and caroling with my cousins.

4. Cousins. I know I already mentioned but I love them so much they deserves to make a number 4.  They are so awesome.

Merry Christmas.

Listening to: White Christmas


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