I’m starving! Want to play Monopoly?

Grapefruit, hunger games, and going to parties. That has been my life for the last few days.

A few comments about the Hunger Games. I loved the series! It was so good, I couldn’t stop reading them. Except for one thing.

I. hate. the. ending.

Gale rocks my socks off! And that is all I have to say.

I found the  second and third books to the hunger games series online for free. “Why” you may ask “did I not post the first book along with the other books?” Well because I borrowed the first book from my awesome friend Jack so I didn’t go looking for an online version. Now depart, go read the books, for they are spectacular!

I spent New Year’s with a bunch of my friends, we stayed up all night, ate too much sugar, watched 2012 (stupidest movie ever!), took a walk to a graveyard, and watched the sunrise.

(This photo was taken by Katy)


6 thoughts on “I’m starving! Want to play Monopoly?

  1. Oh noooooooo! I’m somewhere around 75% of the way through The Hunger Games. *Covers eyes* Don’t tell me how it ends; I really like Gale too. I have a feeling that she ends up with Peeta assuming he doesn’t die because it’s impossible to go through The Hunger Games and not come out a different person, never mind going through part of that with a partner. That’s the kind of thing that defines relationships.

    Don’t tell me how it ends!


  2. Haha, thank you! You’re an awesome friend too!
    Haha, by far thestupidest movie. But it was fun. Probably only because I was watching it with cool people, very late at night. And the fact that the irony was killing me.

    • Most any bookstore, they are really popular now since the movie is coming out. You might be able to find the first book online, I know that scholastic has been publishing some books for free online to try and encourage teens to read. (something cheesy along those lines)

      (p.s. Thaas awesome!!!!!!!!! I love DW so much!)

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