Oh, the people you run into!

You see a friend that you haven’t talked to in a while so you walk up and decide to say Hi,

You: “Hey _____!  whats up?”

_____: “Nothing much, my cat just broke her arm in paris, but other than that, everything is chill.”

“You: What a coincidence! My cousins, brothers, wife’s, dog made pottery in paris about this time, last year.

After about five minutes of talking about nothing, and the conversation changes from boring, to really boring. You make up a excuse for why you have to leave.

You: “Look _____, I have to go  chop down a tree and give it to the sand man, its been so nice talking to you, see you later!

______: “You too, bye!”

So you both start walking away, pulling at your clothing trying to look busy. And it just so happens that you both start walking in the same direction, and a) one of you stops and pretends to stare at a spec on the wall, till the other one is about 20 feet in front of you, or b) you both reach the same destination, the water fountain/the place were all your real friends are hanging out, and you just pretend not to see each other.


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