Moments from March and April (Part 2)

You might be wondering why I am posting this so late, and the reason is that I have been very lazy about blogging.

I am very good at being lazy.

Also I had a ton of studying finals.

I wanted to wrap up this two part post though, because it would look very idiotic to have a part one and no part two.

Anywhoo I spent have been spending a ton of time with my friend Lily. Ballerina, photographer, book worm, vegetarian, and a super foxy friend!

We went and got Ice Cream at about 11:00 at night together, we rode the cow in the play ground, spun around on the baby spinny swings till we felt sick ( well aren’t we mature!), played shuffle board (she beat me every time). And then went and hung out at her house.

I am dead/Rue.

Lily is Katniss.

We worked really hard for about half an hour.

Me: trying to lay still.

Lily: finding flowers that where pick-able (allowed to be picked) and rearranging the flowers whenever I moved.


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