Looking Back.

Today I remembered that I have a blog. Its been a long time since I’ve thought about posting, so I decided to look over old posts and pages. I cringed at many of my 13 year old spelling errors, laughed at drafts that I am glad I never posted, and tried to decipher blurry or bizarre pictures. I enjoyed it though, seeing the documentation of younger and funnier me. Several things have happened in my life lately.

1. I turned 16. Not Sweet16.
Just 16.

2. I am playing basketball again, I can no longer wear dresses because my knees are covered in bruises.

3. My sister is engaged, so I will be a bridesmaid.

4. I went shopping and found a pair of discontinued jeans that I tried to get last year, but they were backordered for months. That was very exciting.
I almost died.

5. I am making Swants, so I will see how that turns out.

No deep thoughts, pictures, or jokes. Just mundane thoughts.


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